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Yao Tells The Truth, Because He Is Yao

Today's Yao news merely confirms what anyone with a Lilliputian level of logic already presumed to be true. If Yao Ming re-injures his foot this season, then it's all over. Did anyone think that this would be any different?

This is it. A long career that should have been longer and could be longer all hinges on this upcoming season. That's why Yao has taken a year off. That's why he hasn't played Summer ball for China. It's this season or bust. And if all goes well this year, then it's next season or bust. Pretty simple, really.

I don't have a problem with Yao discussing his retirement. He has always been honest with the media, in the States and in China. The world's largest basketball icon believes in maintaining good discourse with his fans. And, if anything, this is likely a move to get the Chinese National team off his back. How many times does he have to say, "I'm not the future?" Move along.

If we're going to keep going nuts over a tiny tidbit of Yaoness such as this, we're in for a long season. Don't start holding your breath until opening night, because if you start now, you won't make it far.

UPDATE: Morey responds on Twitter.

Yao Ming is working diligently on his return and has consistently received positive feedback at each of his scheduled medical checkups.

Nothing new, but it sounds encouraging.