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I guess I am the only one who really, really hates the Utah Jazz

So in my daily perusing of the Interwebs, I stumble across this gem of an article on

The 25 most-hated teams of all-time.

Outstanding.  I cannot wait to see what SI says about the evil Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jerry Sloan Utah Jazz teams of the mid-1990s.  The material is endless, right?

Then I get to team #25 (the 2011 Miami Heat... naturally)... and I realize...

where the hell are the Utah Jazz on this list?

[answer:  nowhere to be found]

Can we seriously live in a world where a hockey team is more hated than, say, the 1995 Utah Jazz??  Really?  I refuse to accept this.  There cannot possibly be a team more hated across the board than that Utah team.  I mean, even the #1 team (the 1986 Miami Hurricanes) were entertaining while being hateable.  The Jazz have never offered anything even remotely entertaining. 

I demand a recount, SI!