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Rockets Clinging to Hope as Dominoes Ready to Fall

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With the announcement that LeBron James will name his free agency decision tomorrow night on ESPN, the time has come for the dominoes to fall.

Everyone has said that after LeBron makes his decision that Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer and the rest of the notable free agent fish on the market will fall in line quickly. This comes after a day where sheer panic hit Rocket nation after Real GM took a Ric Bucher tweet out of context and reported that the Miami Heat had completed a sign and trade deal with Toronto for Chris Bosh.

This has been a real roller coaster of emotions for Rockets fans as far as the object of Houston's desire (Bosh) goes. Every time those who want the team to acquire the free agent forward begin to accept that it probably isn't going to happen, a new report comes out saying Houston has a real shot. Then, when those believe that Houston really is in the game, a new report comes out saying that Houston is an afterthought (or not even mentioned at all). Yes, a roller coaster to say the least.

It's been quite a frustrating week to put it simply, but to me it isn't anywhere near how frustrating the McGrady acquisition was in 2004. Now THAT was dragged on forever. But, regardless, we should know something by this time tomorrow. If you listen to the talking heads on ESPN, Bosh will be Dwyane Wade's lapdog wherever he decides to go. And I see no reason not to believe it, to be honest. But it isn't like these guys are batting a thousand in their free agent predictions. Not a single one of the so called "experts" on ESPN picked New York for Amar'e. And not a single one of them picked Rudy Gay to stay in Memphis. What these guys say is not gospel. These agents and GM's are floating so much smoke out there that they're guessing about as much as we are about where these guys are going.

I still have Houston's chances at Bosh on life support. But I really wouldn't be shocked if something does happen. However, I just don't have my hopes as high as some others. But try not to fret if Chris Bosh becomes a member of the Miami Heat or some other team that isn't Rocket red. Remember, Daryl Morey still has a ton of assets to work with and the trade deadline is just seven months away. And with the flat out stupid money GM's are throwing out in free agency thus far (Milwaukee gave Drew Gooden how much!?!?), I am sure teams will be looking for cap relief in 2011.

So, (likely) one more day of speculation, nail-biting and prayers to the basketball gods. Hang tight, Rocket Nation. The ride is almost over. And a new one could possibly be just beginning.