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The Rockets 2010-2011 Schedule Has Been Released. Initial Thoughts...

As expected, the leagues 2010-2011 NBA schedules were released today. The Rockets will have three nationally televised games this year and seven more on NBA Tv. A massive upgrade over last season. You can find a printable version of the schedule here.

Some of the highlights include:

  • @ The Lakers on opening night (National TV)
  • 11/26 @ Charlotte (National TV)
  • 12/29 hosting the trio of idiots from South Beach
  • 12/7 hosting everyone's favorite former Rocket who is now in Detroit
  • 1/8 hosting the most hated team in the NBA, that refer to themselves as the Utah Jazz
  • 11/17 @Oklahoma City. Because Kevin Durant is humble and awesome.
  • 1/7 @Orlando (National TV)

I guess I should also mention that the home opener is 10/30 against the Denver Nuggets and the first preseason game (for those who just can't wait) is 10/5 against Orlando. Also of note is that two games will be played in China this preseason. Both against the Nets on 10/13 and 10/16.

One thing i noticed that should be pointed out is that the longest road trip this year is four games. It's a tough one though, as they'll face Dallas, San Antonio, The Lakers and the Jazz. Anything that has the Jazz in it usually sucks pretty bad.

So, initial thoughts on the schedule? Fire off in the comments below.