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Is Tweek, um, I mean Trevor Ariza, on his way out of Houston?

Details forthcoming, but it looks like Morey has a trade in the works to dump Tweek and his $35M contract on the New Orleans Hornets.  In return we'd get Courtney Lee....... and salary cap/luxury tax relief.

I mean, I know Trevor Ariza is terrible at dribbling the basketball and his shot selection is rather awful, but... he's damn good as a role player and he's great as a help defender.  Are we that worried about the luxury tax?

(sidenote:  I do know the Rockets coveted Courtney Lee when he was in the Draft two years ago.  This could just be the culmination of a buy-low, sell-high moment for a player Morey has always wanted.  I think.)

More to come... maybe.