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Reasons to like the Courtney Lee trade

Okay, I've had two days now to process the Trevor Ariza for Courtney Lee trade (with three other teams I do not care about receiving players I do not care about).  Now, my first reaction was admittedly "WTF is Daryl Morey doing?!?" because it did look like a pure salary dump.  And I took pride in believing that the Rockets never have to resort to such tactics.  Then again, it's a business... it's always about the money in the end.

/cue lame Puff Daddy "All about the Benjamins" video/

But then I realized there are a whole host of reasons why we should embrace this trade.  Namely:

  • We never again have to watch Trevor Ariza shoot free throws
  • We never again have to watch Trevor Ariza try to dribble a basketball (painful)
  • Lee (UofTOrange) now gets to buy a Rockets jersey with his name on the back
  • At least we did not trade for Rafer
  • Or anyone from the Utah Jazz
  • We can now make fun of a Rockets player for having a girl's name
  • You can never have too many players who went to college in Kentucky
  • If New Jersey is giving up on a guy, he *has* to be good, right?
  • Seriously, we never again have to watch Trevor Ariza shoot free throws
  • No one will ever try to compare Ariza to Robert Horry ever again. At least they better not.
  • Has anyone ever known anyone named "Trevor" who is not a total dick?  (just kidding for any readers out there named "Trevor" - though you're all on notice)
  • The last thing we would want is for Daryl Morey to have an unrequited crush on Mr. Lee since he's apparently been stalking him for the last 2-3 years.
  • Oh, yeah....... in Daryl Morey we trust.  Always. 

But really... no more watching Ariza try to shoot.  Matt Bullard was damn near homicidal by the end of the year watching a guy who cannot shoot try to be a volume shooter.  We avoided a catastrophe quite likely.

So I say... welcome aboard, Courtney Lee! 
Though next time you have a chance to kill the Lakers at the buzzer in an NBA Finals game -- don't miss!