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The players I love to hate. And hate I do.

I just got pick-pocketed at the gym.  I am trying not to completely rage out and kill people.  So far this detached emotionless response is working, but it's tenuous.  At any moment I might just snap and start killing people in alphabetical order. 

Accordingly, because I am really freakin' sick of listening to bullshit rumors that will never amount to anything (i.e., Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, blah blah blah), and to educate the masses a little bit - here is my list of athletes, mostly NBA players, whom I have grown to dislike, hate, desise, abhor, detest, loathe and generally wish great ill-will upon.  Is it healthy?  No, but like Violator from Hot Tub Time Machine... do I give a f--k?  No!

The list according to me.  Each of the following deserves your scorn in my opinion:

(in no particular order)

Karl Malone

Patrick Ewing

basically everyone on that 1994 Knicks team

Scottie Pippen

John Stockton

Jerry Sloan (yes, lots of Jazz players/coaches)

basically everyone on the Utah Jazz from 1988-1997

Jason Kidd

Paul Pierce

Shaquille O'Neal

Rafer Alston (obviously)

Carlos Boozer

Kenny Smith (yeah, I said it - it's a long story)

David Robinson

Tracy McGrady

Charles Barkley while he was a Rocket

Danny Ainge (Robert Horry must have had a good reason to throw the towel)

Manu Ginobili

Matt Barnes (f--kin' thug)

LeBron James -- and I've been saying this long before The Decision

Chauncey Billups

Drew Gooden (from his Kansas days)

Tayshaun Prince (for blocking Reggie's shot in 2004)

and I'll add to this if I have any more inspiration... and you're welcome to post your hated guys in the comments, too.  Anyone who says "Yao" or "Scola" gets banned.  Anyone who says "Robert Horry" I will track down their IP address and treat you like I want to treat the aforementioned pick-pocket.  Carry on...