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Current All-Texan NBA Team

Ah, the joys of no NBA ball, NFL pre-season and once-again irrelevant Astros.

Here’s a roster of  current NBA Texans.  Maybe one day we’ll get something like the Aussies’ "State of Origin" games. For the purpose of this bit of harmless fun a Texan is: someone born in Texas, who grew up in Texas for considerable parts of childhood, or who self-identifies as a Texan.


Deron Williams *

T.J. Ford

Ronnie Price


Stephen Jackson

Wesley Matthews

C.J. Miles


Rashard Lewis 

Grant Hill

Mike Dunleavy


Chris Bosh

LaMarcus Aldridge

Chris Andersen


Kendrick Perkins

Emeka Okafor

DeAndre Jordan

Hashem Thabeet *


This team is weakest on the wings, but can at least play D there and shoot the 3. A very big team at nearly every spot. Very strong at point and at PF/C.   Bosh can play C, or you can let Aldridge play a "big SF" role (the one he was probably born to play, actually – he’s good almost to 3pt range), of course Rashard Lewis is pretty good too**.  You can move a C (Perkins?) to PF, and send out waves (6) of 6’11+ guys.  A small lineup would move Williams to SG, Jackson to SF, Aldridge to PF, and Bosh to C.  That's some mobility folks.  I’ll look at some other states, but think these guys could probably win a FIBA championship.


*I’ll claim D Williams, since he grew up in Texas, also Thabeet for the same reason.  They both consider themselves from Texas from what I’ve read.  

** Overlooked again!  Sorry Rashard, thanks Moondebah, also swapped Gibson for Birdman Anderson.