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Carmelo Anthony Prefers Houston Over New York?

Per Adrian Wojnarowski (emphasis mine):

Anthony has hesitated to sign a three-year, $65 million extension and expressed intrigue with opting out of his contract next summer to become a free agent. Despite significant speculation the New York Knicks are the team that Anthony would most likely want to join, two sources close to him insisted the Knicks have been overstated as an object of his desire. Privately, Anthony has expressed more enthusiasm over joining the Houston Rockets than the Knicks, sources said.

I think we all needed more spice to the "Melo To Houston" bandwagon before we decided to officially jump onboard. And when I say spice, perhaps I mean the rumor equivalent of twenty Hooters girls suddenly climbing aboard and begging us manly men to do the same. Well, here they are. The Hooters girls are gesturing towards us. Naturally, we should join them.

So if there was some reason to downplay this...

Actually, wait. There's not.

How excited do we get? Not too excited. We do, however, become interested. Not that we weren't at first, but now it gets toasty. ESPN has reported that Anthony is most interested in New York, because they are ESPN and they like to do things like that.

This, though - this is an individual reporter with a reputation for getting the facts. And there aren't any facts right now, because it's all speculation. But if you want the most accurate speculation on the market, Wojnarowski might be the best source. We can't speculate any further because this - the perception that he would prefer Houston over NY - is all we have. So take what you want from it.

Don't get excited. Nothing is imminent whatsoever. I've yet to formally express my desire at adding Anthony, though I wouldn't balk at the chance to add a premier wing scorer, as long as he would agree to an extension. And by the way, in case anyone is wondering, a sign-and-trade could be done using an extension.

Get interested. The fire's about to start heating up.