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Rockets, Lakers Will Meet On Opening Night

The NBA has announced its first wave of scheduling, and low and behold the Rockets have reappeared on the league's radar, landing an opening night game in Los Angeles against Kobe and The Show.

I'm going to take this opportunity to state that I think the league is too big and needs to be reduced down to, oh, 24 teams. Get rid of Minnesota, New Orleans, Charlotte, Toronto, Memphis, New Jersey and the Clippers, and then reincarnate one of those franchises in Seattle. Spread those players throughout the rest of the league in a draft and move on. This is a league that gravitates its attention towards its stars more so than any other, as evidenced by Houston's one national TV appearance last season despite finishing above .500. Why spread the talent thin across 30 teams? There's no need for it.

I've also begun reading Bill Simmons' The Book of Basketball. Got through a hundo pages today - I'm learning a lot.