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NBA News Held Hostage - Now with real and fake Carmelo verbiage! Can you spot the difference?

(This post is in the interest of starting a new thread, hopefully with 85% less rancor.  Oops.  Fail by me.)

Please someone in the NBA, do something, anything.  Please shift the focus from the looming absurd ransom and wanton contract of an offense-only small forward likely destined to carry his team to nowhere-in-particular.  

Here, if you want it, is an excellent aggregation of where things currently stand in The Melo Crisis, Day 2981, from The Ball Does Not Prevaricate.

But just when I think I'm out...

[Note by Xiane, 09/28/10 12:20 AM CDT ]  Here's Carmelo's dialog from Nugget Media Day.  Determine which words were added by me, and win nothing!

"I'm here today. Whatever the future holds, it holds," Anthony said Monday.

No one, and I mean, no one, can argue with this statement. Whatever I say, I said.

"I'm leaving my options open right now."

Meaning right now, at the moment I am speaking to you...and now...and now...and now too.

"At the end of the season, I'll sit down with my team,"

Whichever team that happens to be.

"I'll sit down with the Nuggets, and we'll talk about it."

Just like I'm talking about it now...and now....and now as well.  It'll be fun.  For me.

"This has been a long summer."

But it has probably been longer for the Denver Nuggets than for me.

"I'm just excited to get back to the court."

Wherever that court might happen to be.

"I've never said I wanted to be traded. I never once said anything about trade talk."

That's what I pay my agents for, fool.


In other news, autumn (in a calendar sense) has begun in Houston, but there is actual cooler weather at present.  Go outside!