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Dear Aaron Brooks: NO ONE gets an extension. Deal with it.

Hey, ABZ,

I hear you are upset about your contract situation with the Rockets.   A bit bummed that your backup is making 2.5x what you will this year?  Yeah, it is totally unfair, I know.  But here are a few facts you need to know:

(a) The Rockets simply DO NOT give contract extensions.  They didn't even give one to Yao this summer.  They never gave one to Hakeem.  Or Clyde or Charles.  It's simply team policy to not do contract extensions.  Aaron Brooks not being any exception to this long-established rule;

(b) You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else on the roster;

(c) You are a midget, and aside from Allen Iverson (who is wayyyy overrated anyway), it is rare that an NBA team is successful when dedicating that much money to a player of your size.  Sorry, but facts are facts;

(d) Daryl Morey is not dumb.  In fact he's like a genius or something.  He knows that you just turned in a career year and there is about a 1% chance you average 19 ppg again this year.  He is therefore aware that a contract re-negotiation at this time would not exactly be in his best interests.  He'll wait until your numbers regress a little bit back to the mean;


(e) I will agree to take this all back and support you hitting the mother-lode on your next contract if you agree to stop missing free throws in the 4th quarters of close games.  Deal?