Dear Lebron...

You are a fucking idiot, and this breaks the final straw on whether I like you or not.

Story here

You stating that coverage had ANYTHING to do with race sets people with actual racial issues back years. It's pathetic and really pisses me off. I grew up with a black father and white mother, I'm not an expert but I guarantee you I can tell the difference between racism and "this guy is being an idiot no matter who he is".

And you know what? You were being an idiot. I couldn't care less that you wanted to go to Miami. All for it in fact, given how the team has done getting players around the three of them, it was the best (okay, 1A with Chicago being 1B) solution for you. No problem. But racism had nothing to do with people calling you an idiot for not warning Cleveland and then being a dumbass on national TV. You could have easily said the week before that you were not going back to Cleveland, you loved the people and fans but it wasn't the best place for your career anymore and then done your announcement. I know it was "for the kids" which is not only bullshit but a good cause at the same time. An idiot does it the way you did though. Notice I didn't say a black or a white or a hispanic, or an Australian, or whatever; I said an idiot. Idiocy really knows no color or creed.

Now if he and Maverick Carter meant that some of the things written by* or** were racial in nature, then okay. But I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant. In fact I know it's not. So you are an idiot, and I can't be a fan anymore. Plus, you won't be the best in the NBA anymore, since Durant is taking that title from you within the next year and a half.

*I hope that's not a real website but refuse to check

**Hoped that was a site but alas it wasn't

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