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More empirical evidence of Luis Scola's badassery

Argentina took on Brazil today in the FIBA World Championship Tournament.

One team had Luis Scola.  The other did not.  The team with Luis Scola - obviously - left as the victor.

In the process, Mr. Scola had 37 points (no, not in a row - though that would be more awesome) and a cool 9 rebounds.  All this in an efficient 39 minutes.  Nearly a point per minute and 14-20 from the field.  Scola even tossed in a 3-point FG for fun.  Making 8 of 9 from the charity stripe also makes me happy.  Apparently it made Luis happy, too. 


Any doubts as to whether Luis Scola was worth the money Daryl Morey tossed his way back in July?  I thought not.

And if Argentina plays the United States in the Championship Game, I will admit that I might be a little conflicted as to who to root for.  I mean, I really like Kevin Durant, but he doesn't play for *my* team.  Yes, that means I value the Houston Rockets more than the U.S. National Team.  So be it.