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The Dream Shake Heads To The 2011 D-League Showcase

In about two hours, I'll be making the six hour long drive to South Padre, Texas to cover the 2011 NBA Developmental League Showcase. If you've ever been pining for coverage of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, well, here's your chance.

The Vipers play two games this week. I'll be in attendance for both. As for what else I'll be doing while down in South Padre? Good question. Is there anything fun to do in South Padre for someone a year shy of his 21st birthday? Should I just hop the fence to Mexico and bring back some Corona or what?

I don't know very much about the Vipers. They've got some familiar faces: Marquette's Jerel McNeal is probably the biggest name on the roster, aside from injured jumping bean Stanley Robinson and former Rockets benchwarmer Garrett Temple. Hopefully, I'll come back with some expertise on the squad.

Any questions? Anything you want me to do while I'm down there? (Try me. If I get bored enough between games, I might do it.)