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Rockets Making Late Push For Carmelo Anthony

Great win tonight. Too bad I had to miss it. NBA League pass had the game blacked out, so I couldn't watch it while simultaneously watching RGV take on Fort Wayne (notes on that game will come tomorrow).

Now, to the news.

Per Chris Mannix of

As the Nets and Pistons wait for a decision from Denver on the future of Carmelo Anthony, the Houston Rockets have quietly made a push to acquire the All-Star forward, league sources told

Two things:

1. I wouldn't treat this any differently than the Chris Bosh rumors that surfaced this past summer. Houston is on the outside looking in. Should everything suddenly go to hell, perhaps they could land Anthony, but the chances are incredibly low.

2. If Anthony becomes within reach for Houston, some VERY big thinking has to be done VERY quickly. Do the Rockets take Melo without the guarantee of an extension, risk losing him to free agency and subsequently prepare to blow up the roster? This move, should it be made, will determine the fate of the organization for the next five years. At least.

Stay tuned, but don't expect much. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if the Rockets came away with something far less substantial than Anthony. They sure do love to collect as many assets as possible.