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Jordan Hill Doesn't Sound Too Interested In Defense Or Rebounding

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Happy Friday, folks. How about some pot shots at Jordan Hill to start things up?

Actually, no, we don't have any pot shots here. But we do have picky collegiate editors who show interest in quotes such as this one:

"I feel better working with all those guys," Hill said of the second unit. "I know (with) the second group, I get my opportunity to put the ball up. The first group, when I started, wanted me to basically defend and rebound, with Luis Scola getting all the buckets for the big man."

I think you see what I'm getting at here. Can't blame Hill for wanting to get as many touches as possible, but I think this quote epitomizes exactly what is wrong with Jordan Hill. He can't defend and he can't grab defensive rebounds, and it doesn't sound like he is too concerned about it.

I don't want to crucify the guy for a brief quip to a reporter. I'm sure he pays attention to these areas of his game during practice. But given the amount of times I've seen Rick Adelman and Jack Sikma look visibly distraught after a Hill miscue (this happens about twice per game), it appears to me that they've relayed information to him that has yet to sink in.

You know what? If Jordan Hill could relish his new role as a starter -- that is to say, if he could play good defense and grab defensive rebounds (or at least look dedicated in attempting to do so) and do all of this without adding much on the other end -- I would like him much, much more.  Maybe this is just a post-rookie phase or something. But should he somehow pull a 180 and develop into the aforementioned type of player, I'd go so far as to buy myself a Jordan Hill jersey. It would mean that much to me.

We'll leave this here -- it's not really a huge deal -- but it would be nice if Hill could actually buy into the idea that there is more to basketball than putting points on the board. He has yet to show an interest in anything else thus far, and then on top of that, he went out and effectively stated it publicly.

By the way, I found this to be amusing. Thanks, Kelly Dwyer: