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Game 41 Preview: Houston Rockets vs. Atlanta Hawks

So, the stretch of hell concludes tonight in Atlanta. Hopefully the fans will be more interested in the Falcons' game than this one. I know I will. Come on! It's the playoffs! Playoffs? Playoffs?

So does Atlanta have a set nickname? I've heard Hotlanta, the ATL, the Big Peach, the Big A, and A-Town. Which one is it? I always call it the ATL.

Atlanta has been decimated by a blizzard, but it looks like everything is slowly getting back to normal. Their game the other night against Milwaukee was postponed and will played at a later date. I hope everyone in Atlanta is safe and if any Atlanta fans want to share anything about what's been going on, I will gladly put it up here for everyone to read.

Otherwise, um, yeah. We keep losing, and like...blowing leads...and stuff. So, I'm totally down about that and just begging for a win tonight. Please? PLEASE!!!



PG: Kyle Lowry vs. Mike Bibby:

Mike Bibby used to be my favorite player in the entire NBA. Oh yeah. First was Hakeem, then Sam Cassell made a run, then it was MJ (no apologies), then Reggie Miller, then Mike Bibby. Now it's Steve Nash.

But for a long time, it was Mike Bibby. When he had that coming out party as a member of the Rick Adelman-led Sacramento Kings team that got screwed by the NBA (tell 'em Batman713!), I was hooked. That guy was a stud. He's not the player he was, but he can still hit those threes.

I still like Lowry more right now.

Advantage: Rockets

SG: Kevin Martin vs. Joe Johnson:

After making more money in the Free Agency Bonanza of 2010 than anyone else, JJ started off the season kind of poorly. However, he's turning things around after an injury and is averaging over 27 points per game over his last five. Scary.

K-Mart is playing well too. We'll see who's better tonight.

Advantage: Even

SF: Shane Battier vs. Maurice Evans:

Ugh, what an ugly matchup. I don't know if Evans will guard K-Mart, but I'm pretty sure Shane will guard JJ. So this matchup is pretty much a wash due to boredom on my part.

Advantage: Rockets, I guess

PF: Luis Scola vs. Josh Smith:

Polished post player vs. uncontainable athletic freak of nature. A monsoon vs. a hurricane.

Smith usually kills us, so I'm giving it to him. He's averaging 17/9/4/2 at home this season.

Advantage: Hawks

C: Chuck Hayes vs. Al Horford:

I still miss Yao...

Advantage: Hawks



Hawks: Jamal Crawford, Zaza Pachulia, Jeff Teague, Josh Powell, Damien Wilkins, Jason Collins

Rockets: Brooks, Courtney Lee, Chase Budinger, Jared Jeffries, Patrick Patterson, Terrence Williams, Jordan Hill

Advantage: Hawks


Hawks: Marvin Williams questionable

Rockets: Brad Miller out

Prognosis: Will put you in a hospital, but treatable

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