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Knicks @ Rockets Gamethread 1/19/2011

Here is your official Dreamshake gamethread. In it you can discuss tonights contest between the Knicks and the Rockets.

You can talk about other things, but hopefully not your age, or the game "monopoly". I suppose if you just feel moved to talk about those things you can. If you must.

Let's win three in a row. That would be fun.

Here's a question. Somehow the Knicks, with superstar that no one was putting on the level of The Three Bandidos has catalyzed a Knicks team to a much better record. They also added a competent PG, and a steal of a SG. Add this to a side that was simply woeful under the same coach and same system and suddenly you have a relevant team in America's biggest market again.

That suggests a question to me - are the Rockets one player away from that? I'd say yes, what do you think?