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Have I missed anything? (No?) Well alright...

Hello there, I'm grungedave.

You might remember me from such posts as:

"Rafer Alston sucks"
"Luis Scola is a complete and total badass"
"I really, really hate the Utah Jazz"
and some other random stuff about Joey Dorsey's adventures.

Yes, I know I haven't been posting much this year. There is a reason for that. I swear.

Here's the reason: The Rockets are completely and utterly unwatchable. Worse yet, they are boring. No matter how many fake Carmelo Anthony rumors we can conjure up... no matter how many ways we try to trade Yao Ming's contract, Shane Battier, ABZ, Brad Miller, etc.... no matter how many times Coach Sleepy forgets to put Speed Racer back in the game - the truth is the Rockets are flat out mediocre. They are. It makes it nearly impossible to watch.

(Though if you ever attempt to trade Scola on this site, I will still find you and ban you!)

I tried - I honestly tried to watch the Knicks game on Wednesday. And yes, the good guys won that game (again, because Amare's basketball IQ is stupendously low and because Mike D'Antoni is still wishing he took the Chicago Bulls job three years ago.) But the Rockets simply lack the abiilty to keep me from switching the channel. They lack a Blake Griffin "Wow!" factor. Yes, I just wished the Rockets had a dude from Oklahoma on their roster. Shoot me.

Trading for Carmelo will not change that. So pipe down.

Trading for CP3 might intrigue me, but he's not going anywhere. Yet.

I wish I had answers. I do not. Daryl Morey has done a fantastic job of stockpiling assets, and no one can really dispute this. But what can he really do with these assets? Injuries are not his fault. Yao Ming's injury was eminently foreseeable, but now is the time to move on from that. And they will. In the meantime, what do the Rockets do? It has been made quite clear that you do not win a championship without an elite player. A truly elite player. If you do not have a Kobe, Wade or Duncan - your chances for ring survival are 0%. They are. The problem is, the Rockets keep hovering around 42 wins every year. Just enough to miss the playoffs but not get a shot at the next Griffin, John Wall, Kwame Brown or Derrick Rose.

While we wait for the next Hakeem - or even the next Robert Horry - I'll continue to find other things to occupy my time slot for entertainment. Maybe I'll go hang with Terrence Williams and Crazy Pills and get some stripper stories. It cannot be any worse than trying to watch the Rockets play defense. So, until we meet again........