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We can still take solace in the fact that the Utah Jazz suck, too

It seems I touched a wee bit of a nerve with my "Have I missed anything? (No?)" post last week.

If so, good - that's what I'm here for.  Preaching to the choir is boring and best left to the devices of the Comicle.  It's not what we do here.  At least it's not what we should be doing here.

Meanwhile, I do have pleasant news for you all. 

Really, really good news, in fact!  And that is.........

at least the Utah Jazz are sucking, too!!!

Granted, the Jazz did manage to overcome a late double-digit deficit against the Rockets at the beginning of this month.  But that was in Utah.  Meanwhile, I was gambling it up in Oklahoma unable to watch that particular game.  Otherwise I might have punched a midget and kicked a small child.  Simultaneously.  Watching the Rockets blow a lead in Utah would infuriate me to no end, so let us just say it's a good thing I missed that one.

But the point remains - the Utah Jazz are probably even more disappointing than the Rockets are so far this year.  And the Lakers whooped 'em good last night.  That makes FIVE losses in a row for the Utah Jazz.  This is something we can all celebrate.  The world is a much better place when Jerry Sloan's minions are losing with regularity.  A team with Deron Williams, AK47 and recent acquisitions like Al Jefferson should not be stuck in losing streaks like this.  The team is only 27-16 overall, so they will probably still make the playoffs, but we all know they will not be winning anything important this year.  Another ringless year for Jerry Sloan.  Karma, bitch.

Making matters worse for Utah, and thus adding to our schadenfreude purposes:  Deron Williams is going to be a free agent in 2012.  And like any decent, rational, thinking person - he sure is not going to stay in Utah.  Unfortunately, the one city that deserves the LeBron/Decision treatment (Salt Lake City) will not be subjected to such antics by Deron, who actually seems like a good person.  But, like Darth Vader, he's been in Utah too long so he's more machine than man now and is no longer a symbol for all that is good in the NBA.

So, basically, what I'm trying to say is:

suck it, Utah!