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Game 35 Preview: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets

I feel like we've been here before. Recently. Oh, yeah. These two teams met three days ago. What's more, Portland also recently played the Utah Jazz twice in a span of four days. To the Blazers' everlasting credit, they won both games. The Rockets will hope to keep the Blazers from completing another half-week sweep.

We could go through all the matchups again, but that would be stupid. Point guards are relatively even, especially with Brooks trying to turn into Lowry all of a sudden. Shooting guard goes to the Rockets, small forward is even, power forward goes to them, and the center is all Blazers. Bench advantage should go to the Rockets.

Yes, the Rockets and Blazers are still similar. Yes, they're still well-coached. Yes, they're both fighting for a playoff spot and relevancy. Yes, yes, yes.

With the Rockets two games under .500, what should the Rockets do short of a trade? It's easy for us to call for a trade, but imagine for a minute that you're Rick Adelman. You can ask for a trade all day, but in the end you have to try to put the best product on the court. So what are your ideas? I expect a ton of "Play Patterson" and "Play T-Will." Fine, but give reasons if you have them.

And better yet, how do the Rockets win tonight? What must they do? How can you counter the double teams Scola gets immediately? How do you make sure the team has a chance even if the triples aren't falling as they weren't in Portland? I need answers!

Also, get over to Blazersedge. It's incredible over there. Go. There. Now.

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