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Music In 2010: It Had Nothing To Do With Basketball

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I'm a music fan, so I feel somewhat obligated to do this. Here are my top ten songs from this past year. If your favorite song is missing, chances are:

A. I didn't hear it.

B. I heard it, but I didn't think it was that great.

Just so you're aware, my taste is impeccable. Just kidding, but really, we all tend to think that way, don't we?

My Top Ten (now updated for this year. Thanks, Rivers):

10. "Shine Blockas" -- Big Boi

Never a big fan of rap until this year. This had something to do with that.

9. "Out Go The Lights" -- Spoon

8. "Round and Round" -- Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 

Strange band, but a great song with a catchy chorus.

7. "The Suburbs" -- Arcade Fire

Could have been one of a few from their album, picked this one.

6. "All I Want" -- LCD Soundsystem

5. "POWER" -- Kanye West

Think this stands alone better than "Runaway," which gets a boost from its position on the album.

4. "England" -- The National

3. "Shutterbugg" -- Big Boi

2. "The Video Dept." -- The Radio Dept. 

Most overlooked song in a long time. Surprised the hipsters at Pitchfork missed this one.

1. "Desire Lines" -- Deerhunter

It's the best I heard all year, especially the second half. Ignore the off-putting album cover.


Chime in.