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Game 36 Preview: Houston Rockets at Orlando Magic

Sorry again for the short preview. Life intervenes. And I'm still depressed about the previous game, which we will no longer mention after right now.

Just a warning, I actually side with Stan van Gundy's recent comments about Dwight Howard learning from Hakeem Olajuwon. I'm sure Dream helped, but there's no way he turned D-How into a super-stud in three hours. The man already has bowling balls stored in his shoulders. It was only a matter of time before he learned how to work in the post. He's terrifying now.

Quick Matchups:

PG: Jameer Nelson vs. Kyle Lowry

Gotta be the little fella. Nelson is really good, and coming around the screens will get him tons of easy shots. Note that Nelson and Gilbert Arenas will not play at the same time. They haven't yet, and SVG isn't going to change a good thing.

SG: Jason Richardson vs. Kevin Martin

It's the battle of the 3-point shooters. I like K-Mart, but I don't like K-Mart's defense. I'll call it even.

SF: Hedo Turkoglu vs. Shane Battier

Turkey Glue vs. our Glue Guy. I like turkey, but not Turkey. Hedo recorded 10/14/10 on Monday, so scary times ahead.

PF: Brandon Bass vs. Luis Scola

I like Scola, but Bass will dunk on him twice. Bet on it.

C: Dwight Howard vs. Thin Air

Dwight could go for 40/20 against us, but he won't because he won't play much in the second half due to a blowout.

Bench Advantage: Should be Rockets

Prognosis: Fatal

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