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So Who Else Is Still Mad?

I'm still angry that the NBA and its players made me miss basketball. And all for effectively nothing. Every bit of this deal both sides would have agreed to in June if they didn't have their heads up their butts so far.

The Rockets have a lot of great pieces in place and will be making the playoffs this year, again have some fantastic trade pieces and I fully expect them to be in the running for Dwight Howard mid season. So why would anyone try and rob me of that? I want to say it's greed, but it's not. It's never only about the money, it's about making the other side do what you want. It's about trying to have some mythical control. Hey morons, without the owners you don't get a job, and without the players you don't get to make money hand over fist as owners (regardless of the BS they try and tell us about losing money).

I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough, probably around the time Kevin Martin draws a foul on someone that hasn't figured out not to take his ball fake. Maybe it will be when Luis Scola shoots a fadeaway jumper. Or when the Rockets finally decide that Chuck Hayes isn't quite good enough to play center for an NBA team (but secretly I hope that someone overpays him so it makes me feel better).

Anyone else still mad?