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Report: Donatas Motiejunas Is Staying In Poland, Says His Dad

There's a chance Rockets first-round pick Donatas Motiejunas could remain with his Polish team and presumably miss the entire NBA season.

So says Lithuanian website BasketNet. The site managed to track down Motiejunas' father and snag this quote (in yet another horrible example of Google Translate):

This website " affirmed basketball dad Vidas Motiejunas.

"Donate remain in Poland, because it has a contract until the end of the season and guided him. Not even thought about the NBA this season. N. is still young, before all eyes, "- site" "said Donato dad.

Let's hold the phone this one until more news comes out confirming the quote. For now, I have the following questions:

1) When does the Polish season end? Could Motiejunas join the Rockets in the spring?

2) Would the Rockets be open to bringing him on mid-season?

3) How does this affect Houston's approach on the Chuck Hayes free agency front?

If this turns out to be true and if Motiejunas indeed stays overseas, it's not the biggest deal. Motiejunas could certainly use more playing time before coming overseas, and the Rockets weren't exactly going to thrust him into an important role right away, if at all this year.