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New Trade to Bring Gasol to Houston Reportedly Submitted to League

Just over 36 hours after seeing their original trade vetoed by David Stern, the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets have reportedly reached another agreement to send Pau Gasol to Houston, Chris Paul to Los Angeles, and unknown players and draft picks to New Orleans. It's not immediately clear what the changes have been made in the deal, but the league reportedly wanted younger players and draft picks in return for Paul.

This is all first reported by ESPN's Marc Stein:

New trade framework of original three-team CP3 deal has been submitted to league office for approval.

He goes on to elaborate on the first tweet:

Details of specific changes made to original 3-team framework not immediately known but NBA insisting Hornets get more youth/picks this time.

Though the Hornets are reportedly getting more youth and draft picks, it's not clear who they are coming from. Earlier this morning, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Rockets would have to make few changes in the revised deal.

Here's what he had to say:

The primary work on deal has been between Lakers and Hornets sides, sources say. Rockets still get Gasol, still move same parts. Odom to NO.

UPDATE: Wojnarowski is now reporting that the Rockets will send out the same package that they had given New Orleans originally.

From Woj:

In restructured 3 way deal, Houston still sending Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, and 2012 pick to Hornets, sources say.

UPDATE #2: More good news, this time from David Aldridge and Adrian Wojnarowski. Looks like the deal hasn't even been submitted yet.


Source: revised CP3 deal has not been submitted yet to league, is "still being developed." Rockets still in deal, per multiple sources.

And Wojnarowski:

Rockets will have changes to their part of proposed 3-way deal, league sources tell Y! Sports. They'd be sending more players to Hornets.

Chris Broussard explains:

Initially, Hou part of deal was same - Scola, Martin & pick going to NO & Pau to Hou. Now, at NBA/NO's request, Hou sending out more players.

It just gets better as it goes along, doesn't it. Looks like Morey really wants Mr. Gasol in Rocket red.