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AngstFM - Late Night Rockets Fear and Outrage

My hands are empty - fill them with your choicest treasures!
My hands are empty - fill them with your choicest treasures!

Good evening and good night gentle friends of Rocket Nation. This is Xiane, your late-night DJ, and I'll be here to share your joy, sorrow, outrage, frustration and separation anxiety. Usually a pleasantly disgruntled place, tonight Rocketland is roiled, boiled, toiled and troubled by an impending trade.

Nothing is easy for the Rockets. After parting with two quite good players, one interesting young player and one first round pick for what appears to be mopey 31 year old Catalan, Pau Gasol (who must be cheered by Baracelona's win today and who is likely to be 7 feet tall) the Rockets were told to try again, to bid against themselves. Now Rocketland is torn asunder in painful cogitation noodling out just which young favorites will join our veteran stalwarts in journeying to that shining example of NBA consensual management, The New Orleans Hornets.

One has to wonder whether one year of Chris Paul is worth Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, and a first round pick. I personally think Paul's a huge health risk who could go the sad way of Brandon Roy, and I'm perfectly willing to see LA take that risk.

Anyhow, speculate, vent or just let your ambiguous feelings flow as coherently as you can manage, dear ones.

What sort of music is appropriate for tonights sojourn into misery, despair, and just possibly, elation? Let me know.