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The Dream Shake Ticket Deals: THEY'RE BACK!!

If you haven't done one of these before, I think everyone that has will vouch. It's the lowest price you are going to get to go see the Rockets live from the ticket office. It is seamless and John is a great guy to work with.

From the Houston Rockets Ticket Office:

We are excited about the start of the Houston Rockets 2011-12 season and would like to offer Special Pricing to our TicketPASS members for the following games: Home Opener on Thursday, December 29th Rockets vs. San Antonio. Be the first 5,000 in the building and receive a t-shirt. New Years Eve game Saturday, December 31st Rockets vs. Atlanta and Saturday, January 7th Rockets vs. Oklahoma City.

Don’t miss any of the action with great pricing to these games. Save up to 50% off individual ticket prices through this offer.

Click on the button below, enter your password and start saving today!


Password: thedreamshake

Please contact your John Donovan at 713-758-7453 or if you have any questions!