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Game 4 Preview: Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets

<strong>Yeah, that's just weird.</strong>
Yeah, that's just weird.

Mini-preview today for two reasons. It's the third game in three nights and I don't have time, and it's my birthday and I'm giving myself a break.

The Hawks are 3-0 and played the Nets last night. Tonight will be their third game in four nights, so they're tired, too. The other thing is that they have a game against the Heat on Monday, so hopefully they're looking ahead to that instead of worrying about your soon-to-be 64-2 Houston Rockets.

Two big changes for the Hawks from last year include Jeff Teague becoming the starting point guard (and playing well so far), and Tracy McGrady signing with the team in the offseason.

As Mike said, tonight Atlanta comes to The House That T-Mac Built.

Happy New Year, and don't forget to make your predictions! Mine is Atlanta 105-98.

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