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Some random thoughts on Jerry Sloan's resignation

I tried to read the comments here... but too many people got off track.

Then someone actually referred to Jerry Sloan as "classy"?!?! GTFO.

It's been a theme/motto/mantra here for nearly four years - CLASSY IS OVERRATED. That said, however, Jerry Sloan is the epitome of "go f--k yourself, San Diego", as opposed to "you stay classy".

Let's get one thing clear: Jerry Sloan was a good coach who won enough games to keep his job for 23 years. This fact alone does not make him a good person. For Jerry Sloan would be shunned by society were he not a successful and famous basketball coach. As people usually do not take kindly to crotchety old men who bully and insult and chastise and discriminate with regularity.

This is a man who went out of his way on numerous occasions to defend the Worst Person in the World (Karl Malone). This is a man who would routinely refer to his players by homophobic slurs (notably Mr. Amaechi). No one has ever regretted leaving the clutches of Utah and Mr. Sloan. Even Carlos Boozer ran away at the first opportunity. People are now going to try to blame Deron Williams for what happened, and that is total BS. Deron for years has tried to take a larger leadership role with the team -- as he should because he is really good. But Mr. Sloan had no use for that. Every time Deron would suggest something, Sloan would dismiss it and belittle Deron by negatively comparing him to the alleged greatness of John Stockton. Keeping him in his place.

So what happens? Deron finally stands up to Sloan's bullying. Instead of actually being a coach and leader........ Sloan quits. On the spot. Another version of "my way or the highway" - the man simply could not adapt. Maybe this is why he never won a ring?

I say good bye and good riddance, Jerry. Everyone is moaning about how the NBA is worse off without Sloan, but that's a bunch of unsupported hyperbole. No one gave a shit about Utah before and no one will give a shit about Utah in the future. The way it should be.