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The Dream Shake Ticket Deals : Teaming up with the Rockets ticket office to get you to the games!


We are excited to offer Special Pricing to our fellow DreamShakers for the following games: 

February 12th Rockets vs. Dallas

February 16th Rockets vs. Philly

March 5th Rockets vs. Indiana

Save up to 50% off individual tickets! 

Seriously DreamShakers, this is a great deal, and quite a few of you have taken advantage in the past.  I'm still not above thinking that Andre Iguodala could be a Houston Rocket.  

Make sure you contact John Donovan if you have other games you are interested in:
713-758-7453 or

Click on the button below, enter your password and start saving today!

The Password is on the site


Please contact our Rockets representative, John Donovan at 713-758-7453 or if you have any questions!