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Sorting Out The Latest Trade Rumors

We're just over a week away from the February 24th trade deadline and new names are popping up all over the place for the Rockets. With it being said that every player on the Houston roster is available, something huge could happen. But I'm still in the camp that believes only small moves will be made to set up the future.

This of course will be met with criticism about how no stars want to play for Houston, etc. You get the point. But what I wanted to do was take a look at some of the more recent rumors out there and talk about some of the newer names to pop up on Twitter and around the league.

By now, or actually for awhile now, we're about ready to regurgitate our last four meals when we even hear the words "Camelo" or "Anthony." So his name isn't coming up again on here. With that said, let's look at the other names that have been mentioned in regards to Houston.

  • O.J. Mayo - This one is hot off the twitter feed. Ken Berger at CBS Sports mentioned that "many execs" believe that a swap of Courtney Lee for Mayo "makes sense." Add this to the murmurs that Daryl Morey is extremely high on Mayo's ceiling and there is certainly smoke there. Coupled with Memphis now shopping Hasheem Thabeet, this is a likely trading partner. Wonder what they'd want for the other Gasol...
  • NeNe - Chris Mannix at Sports Illustrated says that if Denver makes him available, Houston would be one of the first in line for the big man. He also says Houston hasn't given up on he who shall not be named as well...
  • Danny Granger - Dave from Clutchfans says that Granger is a target, but nothing more than that. Say what you want about some of the posters on CF's, but Dave knows his shit and he knows people who are in the know. He wouldn't just pull that name out of the air with no back up.
  • Steve Nash - Woj from Yahoo sports brought his name up in collusion with Houston in a video chat the other day, but it was more of a "Houston will have interest if he becomes available" kind of thing.
  • Players with more "upside" - Again, this one comes from Dave at Clutchfans who tweeted earlier that he spoke with an individual with the Rockets who was very confident change was coming by the deadline. Said they know they need players with "more upside."Obviously, this could mean any kind of young players coming to town. This also sounds like a rebuilding plan if a star player is acquirable.

Some have voiced their concern that a Lee for Mayo swap isn't necessarily a good move. I disagree, as I think Mayo has All Star potential and is greater than Lee in every facet of the game. But, again, this is just my opinion.

Another debate I've gotten into lately is my desire for the team to move Kevin Martin. Yes, I know he scores a lot of points, but the guy is beyond terrible on the other end (Peja says hi!). If your teams leading corer is Kevin Martin, I'm sorry but you probably aren't a good team. Move him while you can get something of quality for him. And yes, I wish we could have that Gortat for Martin offer back. I know that isn't a popular sentiment amongst Red Nation, but it is just how I feel.

Aaron Brooks is still likely to be gone in my opinion. So a move for another point isn't out of the question. I don't think Houston would be ready to give up a ton of assets for the 38 year old Steve Nash. I see him going to one of the contenders over teams rebuilding or just staying in the valley of the sun. I know Mayo has played some point, so he could play some there behind Lowry if that move materializes.

The sad truth of the matter is that the trade deadline is the most exciting time of year for most Rockets fans. The downside is that we get to hear everyone whine about how every player we got rid of is going to "haunt us" for the next billion years. But, that's part of the gamble I guess.

I just hope we get someone on the roster over seven feet tall...and then gripe about how Coach Sleepy won't play him.

More updates as they happen. Stay tuned...