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Is It Time For Coach Sleepy To Go?

Before you all start digging up previous posts I've made about how much of an Adelman defender I have been, I will go ahead and admit that I was wrong. Some of the decisions that Coach Sleepy has made this year have completely made me jump off his bandwagon.

Perhaps permanently.

I still stand by him being a terrific head basketball coach and a hall of famer. But he has to be the most stubborn man I've seen in the Rockets organization since...well, since Jeff Van Gundy. But I digress.

With Rick's contract up at season's end and the rumors of a contract extension from a year ago silenced, one has to wonder if not only is it time for him to go, but if that is in the plans?

If Houston is planning on doing what a good number of people believe -- to rebuild completely, starting at the trade deadline -- I have to think that at 65 years of age (next season) Rick isn't ready to stick around on a rebuilding team.

Also, his stubbornness to play certain players and seemingly hold some of the younger guys down isn't the coach you want around when going through a rebuild with a cluster of young players.

Remember that when he came here, the team was "on the cusp" of something great, as evidenced with the 22 game winning streak his first season. He came out of retirement/hiatus because he thought he could win and win big with the roster that was assembled. Two star players and a good group of role players... A far cry from where it is now.

This isn't one of those posts where I list what coaches are available and if they would come here, but just a short one asking if after four seasons, the same length as Jeff Van Gundy's tenure, is Les Alexander ready to part ways with Rick Adelman and go in a new direction?

Discuss below.