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Rockets Trade Rumors: Nene Reportedly Off The Market

In the midst of all of the Carmelo Anthony commotion -- he got traded, by the way -- Chris Broussard decided to let slip this little tidbit:

Houston wants Nene bad but sources say Denver unlikely to trade Nene or JR Smith before deadline.

To boot, Chris Mannix delivered a second punch to our stomachs.

Rockets working hard to make deals but have nothing close, sources say.

And, on top of that, apparently the Boston Celtics are interested in Shane Battier.

Anything involving Battier sounds believable to me. Aside from Jared Jeffries, I think he's the most likely to be traded. But for now, given all of the flip-flopping involved with the Anthony reports throughout this saga, I'm not yet coming to conclusions on whether Nene will be traded or whether the Rockets will make a move. And I don't even blame the reporters: I think this is more a case of the team sending out mixed signals. That said, the reporters could choose not to report EVERY SINGLE BIT of news that they come across.

For now, just wait. I don't even want Nene that badly, to be honest. Don't think he adds a whole lot to our frontcourt, and he'll be a free agent next year regardless. If we're looking at Nene as the long-term solution at center, that's a little disturbing.