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Rockets Trade Rumors: Price Tags Too High?

Really nothing new to report this morning, but I figured this would be a good place to discuss any rumors that pop up during the last full day of trade negotiating. I will update this post during the day whenever anything of substance comes up.

Looks like my Devin Harris idea is out the window with both Portland and Dallas making better offers to New Jersey.

Sekou Smith on reiterates that every player on our roster is available, but that many execs are saying that Daryl Morey's asking price is too high for most of them. How dare Daryl doesn't want to get taken to the wood shed...

Woj is still reporting that the Bulls have offered this years first round pick for Courtney Lee, but with his value times his contract I don't think we will be seeing that one happen. Not without Omar Asik as the centerpiece of the deal...I love a good pun.

Forget about Nene, as Denver has opened up talks with the big man about an extension in Denver, which he is likely to sign. I liked him, but never thought he would resign here after his deal expired.

Terrence Williams finally voiced his frustration to the Chronicle about his lack of playing time and said he wants to play, whether it's here or somewhere else. This has led to rumors of him being on the block...If Morey trades him for a pick, that will be the biggest black eye on his resume yet. But, I think after the deadline when Battier and/or Budinger might be gone, he'll get his chance by default. Still, sounds like he is available.

Speaking of Shane, the Boston rumors have been laid to rest.. They would have really liked him, they just have nothing to offer Houston of value. To be honest, I would have liked to see Shane there. He is certainly a guy who deserves to have a shot at a ring before retirement.

In non-Rockets related news, Carl Landry is now a New Orleans Hornet. Boo.

More rumors as they develop through out the day. Stay tuned!