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Rockets Trade Quick Thoughts

I've been looking out at this instead of thinking much about the NBA.
I've been looking out at this instead of thinking much about the NBA.

Reader, you possibly think I am incapable of quick thoughts, or at least not-so- wordy ones.  Well, let's see.

1.  When I kept saying "AsSoonAsWeGetACenter" I didn't mean Hasheem Thabeet.  That said, he's 7'2". He really is.  That is the sort of height you like to see in a center.  We have a shot to develop him and see if he might turn into an NBA player.  There are still FA centers this summer.  There's still a (good) chance Yao re-signs.  The Rockets turned an expiring contract into a 1st rounder and a guy who has an excellent ability to be 7'2".  If Thabeet works out as well as the last guy we got from Memphis, we'll be laughing.  Hey, he's tall, he's foreign, English isn't his native language.  That's always worked well for us before.

2. I think it's entirely possible we re-sign Shane Battier this summer.  I can't back that up with anything other than "just a hunch". (I'm informed that Morey mentioned the possibility of re-signing him as well.)

3. Dave can now stop complaining about Midget Point Guards. Goran Dragic is not a midget.  There was no way the Rockets were going to pay Aaron Brooks what he was worth or what he thinks he's worth.  Dragic is $2.1 million next year.  $2.1 million for a PG who has at least shown flashes of a Very High Ceiling.  That 2 PG package Adelman likes to run?  That's going to look sweet with Dragic, I promise.

4. Are the Rockets chances of making the playoffs significantly worse now?  I'm not so sure they are.  Battier is a great defender, but on a team that largely doesn't defend his talents are wasted.  Maybe now TWill can play, who can say?  At any rate, it'll be All-Offense All The Time.  When Dragic comes in for Lowry at least you can be fairly sure he'll pass.  Anyway, we're going to see what life is like without Shane - I promise you this - all you people who think Shane is washed up, you're about to see that he isn't.

5. I really like Aaron Brooks.  I wish him well.  He was a draft pick that showed me that the front office wasn't asleep at the switch.  His offensive ability is simply awesome - I think he'll flourish in Phoenix - and if he's smart - learn something from Steve Nash, and train to be his replacement.  Remember, the PHX system encourages quick three pointers in transition.  It encourages mad rushes to the basket with kick outs to the three.  It isn't defensively minded.  If there's a better home for Aaron Brooks, I'd like to know what it is.

6. I'll be home soon and you can expect wordier outpourings of pure pure love.


7. One more thing.  Boston?  WTF?  Really?  Those trades and then they send Semih Erden away for a 2nd rounder?  Did you lose our phone number?  What? And Jeff Green?  Is your cunning plan to let OKC knock LA out for you? Its the only thing that makes sense, except somebody is going to have to beat SAS in 4 of 7 tries too - I can't see any team that can do that in the West right now.  LA is mentally weird and just soggy-looking presently.  Let's see what OKC looks like now, though, and maybe Portland with Gerald Wallace.

8. And finally, so long to Shane Battier, Aaron Brooks and Ish Smith - every one a good Rocket, and from what I can know, a good guy.  It's a different club now, it used to be I only liked a few guys and didn't care much when they left.  But this roster, particularly Battier and Brooks were so full of heart, and over achieved beyond what anyone could have expected year before last I couldn't help but think well of them.   You'll be missed gentlemen.  Good luck to you all, but not too much when you play the Rockets.