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Game 60 Preview: New Jersey Nets vs. Houston Rockets

There's basketball after the trade deadline? Huh?

Both of these teams made changes before the deadline, though Jersey made a much bigger splash than we did. Trading Favors, Harris, and a couple of firsts is a gamble, but we'll see if Captain Russia can convince D-Will to stay when his contract runs out.

Anyways, we'll be looking to see how Hasheem Thabeet and Goran Dragic do tonight. I have no idea if either will get much, if any, playing time. Chances are Dragic will get a few minutes and Thabeet will get minutes if it's a blowout. But as I always say, I don't know Rick Adelman, and neither do you.

And tonight will be the (hopefully) final meeting of the Free T-Will Committee. All signs point to this:



But it could end up just like the picture above, where the mission is far from over. Time, and Rick Adelman, will tell. Otherwise, the committee will speak with fondness and nostalgia over the removal of that terrible obstacle known as Shane Battier. It was he who took the Chosen One's minutes. He who disrupted the destiny of the Child of Hope. And he squashed the dreams of a people. Good riddance, I say!

Update: All three players have passed their physicals, according to Friedman. However, Aaron Brooks has not completed his in Phoenix, so until that happens, Dragic cannot play. I assume AB will get his done today, but I have no evidence or anything like that.

Update 2: Dragic will play but Thabeet won't according to Feigen on Twitter. So AB passed his physical.


PG: Kyle Lowry vs. Deron Williams:

Normally when I type D-Will's name, it means I'm really pissed and a bunch of Utah fans are here pretending like they've won a championship or something.

Here's all you need to know about Deron Williams: I play fantasy basketball. I have played for five years now with people who know basketball as well as I do. I have never lost. I draft on gut and past experience. I have one steadfast rule: never draft a current or former member of the Utah Jazz or Dallas Mavericks.

Deron Williams is so good that I broke that rule this year and paid out the butt for him.

Advantage: Nets

SG: Kevin Martin vs. Anthony Morrow

Morrow is averaging 13/3 on 46% shooting. I guess that's okay, but it's likely to go up with D-Will now. Vajacic started for them yesterday, so he may get the nod here. He's a douche, and has had arguments with Goran Dragic. Good thing Dragic isn't on the Rockets. Oh wait, yes he is! I want a throwdown.

K-Mart is still Calvin, with a stunningly depressing comment.



Advantage: Rockets

SF: Chase Budinger vs. Damion Jones

Damion James got the start yesterday, not Travis Outlaw like I originally thought. My bad. Thanks to Andres B for the catch.

I have a template for the previews, and for the first time all season I had to change it. Good luck to Shane, and definitely to Chad Chit Chase Buddinger Buttinger Butterfingers Budinger. This is going to be tough.

But let's talk more about T-Will. I finally designed the t-shirt!


Advantage: Even

PF: Luis Scola vs. Kris Humphries:

Humphries will probably get the start with Favors gone. Humphies is receiving a bump from dating Kim Kardashian, I guess. I'm sure he grew up hoping he could date someone who is famous for no reason. Humphries is averaging 9/9.

I like Scola more.

Advantage: Rockets

C: Chuck Hayes vs. Brook Lopez:

Lopez is one of the best centers in the league. I know that isn't saying much, considering there aren't many real centers left. He can score, but he can't rebound.

In Chuck's last game, he had twice as many rebounds as Lopez the first quarter.

Advantage: Nets



Nets: Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Quinton Ross, Johan Petro, Travis Outlaw, and probably others

Rockets: Goran Dragic, Courtney Lee, Brad Miller, Terrence Williams, Patrick Patterson, Jordan Hill, Hasheem Thabeet?

Advantage: Rockets


Nets: None

Rockets: Yao out

Prediction: Rockets need to win this

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