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Rockets win on a favorable foul call in Utah. True story.

Not much time for a lengthy recap. The weathermen here say my fingers might get frozen together any minute now. It's like cold and stuff in Houston if you haven't noticed. (Though technically, anything below 90 is freezing.)

Last night the Rockets wrapped up a brutal four-game road trip... which started with heartbreaking losses to Dallas, San Antonio, the Los Angeles Lakers (why not the Clippers?!!?) -- leaving the Utah Jazz to close it out. In Utah. I think we can all clearly remember the Rockets' traditional misfortune when playing basketball in Utah. Or I should say attempt to play basketball in Utah, because anytime Yao moved his arms or his legs it would be a foul and I think they actually called a personal foul on McGrady for crying once. Scola gets T'd up just for his hair and Aaron Brooks gets abused because midgets are supposed to bounce off Carlos Boozer's elbow like that.

Which made me fear for Kevin Martin's life because he's skinny enough to make those crazy mormon people Utah Jazz fans want to make him their 5th wife. Imagine my surprise when not only did Martin make a huge clutch layup with 6 seconds to go........ but the referees also blew the whistle for a foul. A foul! On a Jazz player!! For what may be the first time in recorded history the Rockets had an important call go their way in Utah. A day later, I'm still in shock:

The Rockets won!
In Utah!!
On a last second three-point play the ol' fashioned way!!!

Thus I can only recap the game as follows. This is for the behalf of any Utah fans looking for commentary here and for anyone else like me who enjoys sports schadenfreude:

Rockets 97, Utah Jazz 96