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It Is Impossible To Please Everyone On This Rockets Roster

I spent about thirty minutes trying to come up with some clever way of explaining how impossible it has been for Rick Adelman to properly allocate minutes this season. This is what I put together, and in no way does it fully describe the difficulty that Coach Adelman has faced in keeping everyone happy.

Now, click to enlarge my surely headache-inducing creation.


Simply put, the colors of the players' names translate to the colors of the sentences placed underneath the "4th Quarter Situations" header, which speaks for itself. The sentences describe each player's qualifications for receiving late-game minutes, as well as the damage that their presence does for others.

Any questions? I'm sure there will be plenty. Simply put, I think this is a team -- as Bill Simmons put it earlier in the season -- with too many players deserving of healthy minutes. There is no harm in having a stout bench, but it should not be at the expense of the starters. Only problem is, you can make a good argument that certain bench players fit better in certain situations than the starters do, and that presents quite a paradox.