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Rocket Parts - Bits and Pieces - Request for Artists

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This is not a major post, just a few possibly interesting things and a request for help.

First, if you are an artist or know one, or can just flat out make cool t-shirts, I'd like to hear from you.  I'd like to see if we can get some Dreamshake shirts set up, both for this year and next.  Even if you don't live in Houston, I'm hoping this shirt will be so great you'll wear it just to be obscurely fabulous.  In fact, if we get a number of good entries, I'll give the maker of the winning design a couple of my tickets to an upcoming Rockets game of our mutual choice.  You can post contact details below, or follow me on twitter (@xiane1) and we can send messages that way.  

Second, this is an interesting David Thorpe piece on ESPN (Insider) piece.  The premise is who would go in the Top 10 if the 2010 NBA draft were held today, knowing what we know about the players now.  

Here's his top 5 -

John Wall

2 Greg Monroe

3 Derrick Favors

4 DeMarcus Cousins

5 Patrick Patterson

I'd say P2 is looking to be quite a bargain at #14.  I can't really argue with this order as the evaluation method is production this year plus potential.  I'd probably go - Cousins, Wall, Favors, Patterson, Monroe - but I admit I don't know that much about Monroe. I put Cousins #1 because talented centers are practically non-existent whereas every year seems to offer up an astonishing PG or two. At any rate, anyone who has seen Patrick Patterson play this year knows he's the real deal.  It's nice to see a Rocket goaltend once in a while, too.

Third, we have another game with Phoenix tomorrow night, and it appears that Aaron Brooks will be starting for a hurting Steve Nash (DNP - Pelvic Instability, no really.  That was a plus for Elvis, but not Nash.  Anyway, he's in a lot of pain and I hope one of my favorite NBA players gets well soon). Brooks put up a half for the ages today - 8-10 shooting, 19pts, 7 assists.  The second half?  Not so much - 4 misses, 3 assists and not much else.  Still, 19 and 10 in 30 minutes (4th qtr was Orlando blowout) isn't bad.

Now Aaron is returning to Houston.  He'll be starting against the guy who Pipped him, Kyle Lowry, and playing against the guy he was traded for, Goran Dragic.  I'm thinking Aaron puts up a big game, but Lowry and Dragic do too.  It's going to be a PG fireworks show as all the parties in the challenge trade of Brooks for Dragic+pick go at it.