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UPDATED - Dreamshake NCAA Bracket Contest - NOW OPEN

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[Note by Xiane, 03/16/11 12:43 AM CDT ] The Bracket Contest featuring No Prize Whatsoever is NOW OPEN.  

Go ye here.  

Password: dream34

Hi Dreamshakers - the Madness that pervades March is about to descend upon us all, culminating in our own Clutch City.  

My question is - do Dreamshake readers want to participate in a Dreamshake NCAA Tourney Bracket?  If I get some positive responses I'll set up an online contest and post details for log in here in an update.

The prize is being able to brag about winning this contest.  Probably people will buy you drinks and make you amazing offers of a romantic nature, but I can't promise that.


This sounds good to me - our bracket is set up here at CBS Sportsline.  


Groupname - The Dreamshake

Abbreviation tdshou

Password: dream34