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Game 70 Preview: Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets

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This is a lazy preview. I just drove 10 hours and I'm tired. Sue me.

Rockets need this game like Magic Johnson needs HIV meds.

Oh, and I promise the Utah preview will be amazing. It's shaping up to be my favorite one yet. It will be worth this one being nonexistent.

PG: Rajon Rondo over Kyle Lowry

SG: K-Mart even with Jesus Shuttlesworth

SF: Paul "Injury-Faker" Pierce over Chase Budinger

PF: Kevin Garnett over Patrick Patterson. Even if Luis Scola plays

C: Chuck Hayes over Nenad Krstic

Benches: Even

Von Wafer is out, so no Vonhawk.

Give me your thoughts in the comments. Other important game tonight is GSW at Phoenix.

Prediction: Rockets lose by 16, courtesy of my brother. He's being strangled as we speak for that opinion.


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