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Rockets @ Clippers Gamethread

Perhaps more NM will help.
Perhaps more NM will help.

Here's another gamethread. 4 games in 5 nights, and we're now facing The Blake Show, or The Griffins or The Griffettes or whatever. Clipper fans tell us this is the first time LAC has had its entire team healthy all season. We can only wonder what that's like.

Anyhow, now that the Rockets feature four worrisome scorers (at least) things have been looking up. I'd like them to look up, over .500. There's enough season left to do some damage and make the post-season.

I disagree with Dave, btw. I think that teaching a team to fight and make the playoffs is a better lesson than saying "Well, you're just going to be beaten in the first round anyway, so why bother? Better a 14th pick than a 16th." I agree that years of playoff futility are bad, I'd also say that a year of experience is good. Here are the Rockets with no playoff experience:

Budinger, Williams, Patterson, Hill, Thabeet - a little seasoning couldn't hurt.

Also playoffs are good for the team's coffers, they allow us to make signings and moves we might otherwise not make. And I think if we're clearly out of the hunt we'll see more Williams, more Thabeet, more Hill, more Patterson. Right now Hollinger's odds have us with north of a 30% chance of making the post season. Every road win strengthens the case, and Portland looks like it might be suffering from what afflicted Houston last year - too much effort to win with a depleted team leading to exhaustion in the home stretch. We'll see.

Anyhow, post away and go Rockets.