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Rockets vs Jazz

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So, if everyone you ever really hated on the Utah Jazz left, would you still hate the Jazz? I never thought I'd ask that question.

I say yes, until the Jazz prove they are worthy of something besides contempt, the hate continues, for tradition's sake and past crimes if nothing else. But I'll admit to a sliver of doubt. The current Jazz roster lacks the truly vile scumbags of Jazz teams past. AK47 is an annoying flopping doofus, but he's no Karl Malone. Their center whatshisname is a tedious git, but he never plays and hardly sinks to the grimy short-shorted depths of John Stockton. And we don't even have a Carlos Boozer analogue on the current roster, as The Booze is Someone Else's Problem.

Beyond that, the third person in The Unholy Trinity of The Utah Jazz, Jerry Sloan, is, shockingly, gone. All it took was a firing,which flabbergasted me. I thought Sloan, at the very least, would have required a wooden stake, garlic in his mouth, beheading, burning, holy water, a bible reading, and the scattering of his ashes into a fast flowing stream at dawn. All it took was a firing. It's like The Lord of The Rings ending with Sauron leaving the Middle Earth entirely because he got a strongly-worded letter from Bilbo Baggins. No war, no quest, no volcanoes, nope, just gone, and likely to get his security deposit back, too.

But Mordor would still be Mordor and Utah still claims to have Jazz.