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Get The Red Out - The Relaunch

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It's back. After the long, cold winter and needing an outlet to voice my frustrations and jubilations, I decided it was time to bring it back. At least until Tom & Xiane start doing the dreamcast episodes again. A couple of changes to the show have been made (and the quality is much better than before, I promise!) and if you're scared of bad language, you might wanna stick to the podcasts. But, I'm sure no one here has virgin ears. At least not anymore.

It's a new era for Get The Red Out as I am joined by two new co-hosts on the relaunch edition of the show. Shriram and Patrick D. Starr are welcomed to the team and we discuss everything from Kyle Lowry's breakout season, not missing Aaron Brooks, the witnesses we all are of Chuck Hayes and a long, drawn out debate over Jordan Hill's future.

All this plus talk about the Rockets playoff push as we enter the final two weeks of the NBA regular season.

It all starts by admitting that you're bored and have nothing else to do and click here to listen.