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Rockets @ Kings Gamethread

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The Rockets need every single possible win to perhaps make the playoffs.

The Kings need something more - new owners who will keep them in Sacramento where they belong. The Maloof Brothers are planning to leave town because they've almost destroyed the massive financial empire their father left to them. The banks, real estate and beer distributorships have been turned into a too-big and broke casino and a city that's going to get the shaft over a few luxury boxes despite good support of some shabby teams and insane support (like 8 years of sellouts) of good ones. Well done Maloofs. Never forget that the team you love is a rich man's toy in a rich man's club and just one Maloof away from joining the Ananheim Mighty Ducks as co-tenant to bring a 3rd team to a market completely (and rightly) dominated by the Lakers.

I can only hope the NBA owners will vote down a move and say "Find a way where you are." but I doubt this will happen. It hasn't yet, that I know of.

On that cheery note - go Rockets.

Is the gamethread working? Arg.