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Anyone Else Excited About Goran Dragic?

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I know it's been a small sample size, but I'm really liking this Goran Dragic kid.

On the day the trade happened, I remember saying "who the hell is that?" But I quickly remembered when someone brought up his dismantling of the Spurs in last years playoffs. Still, as much as I was ready for Aaron Brooks to move on, I thought of Dragic as a throw in with the draft pick. But it appears Daryl Morey has pulled another good deal out of his hat.

And I know it has been such a small sample size that it is hard to call the trade a complete and utter victory, but I really like what I've seen from Dragic in his minutes thus far in Houston. The guy is lighting quick and knows how to finish around the basket. And the fact that he actually tries on both ends of the floor makes him an upgrade over Aaron Brooks, in my opinion.

Dragic is cheap for another season after this and is a restricted free agent in 2012. So if he is in the Rockets long term plans, he'll be here for the foreseeable future. And the combo of Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic seems to be a good pair.

Talking with some friends who watch the Suns on a regular basis, they said that they liked Dragic a lot too, but that he was just having an atrocious year shooting the ball and struggling to fit the scheme that was installed after Stoudamire left for New York. But the potential was certainly there. And much like Brooks, they seem like a better fit on their new teams.

I'm sure we'll look back at this post in about a year and see that I've probably overrated another player. But there is always that small chance that it goes down like the Lowry for Rafer Alston swap.

Here's hoping.

Just for fun, watch the clip of Goran Dragic dismantling the Spurs in last years playoffs...just because it's fun.