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Game 81 Preview: Dallas Mavericks vs. Houston Rockets

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<strong>Yes, this actually happened. </strong>
Yes, this actually happened.

I'm not doing matchups anymore. It's worthless. I don't know who's starting, sitting, or getting minutes for the Rockets the rest of the way, so that would just be a waste of all of our times.

As I've mentioned before, I live in Lubbock with thousands of Mavericks fans. They are the only team on television, and I know way more about them than I wish to know. Their announcers are bad. It's Derek Harper and this white guy who sounds nasally and is a spoiled brat. Anytime the Mavs lose, it's because the other team cheated or because Dirk didn't get the 100 foul calls he deserved.

The Mavs are the only team in the Southwest Division that the Rockets haven't beaten yet, and the Mavs would love to keep it that way. A week ago, they were one game back of second place and only three out of first in the west. Now, they're one game out of second again (prior to Sunday's matchup with the Suns), but they're also only one game up on the fourth place Thunder. They need this win. We don't. Unless the line is ridiculous (like more than 10), give away the points. I'm sure the Rockets will try to win, but I don't think our "B team" can beat the Mavs' best effort.

Here's where it would suck to be a Mavs fan: they almost have an equal shot at playing Portland, Memphis, or New Orleans in the first round. Portland plays them really well (split the series 2-2) and Memphis can beat them (Mem won series 3-1). But the team they really want to play is the Hornets. The Rockets were in a similar situation a couple of years ago when we had a chance to finish between 2-5 on the last day of the season. We could have played New Orleans, Dallas, Portland, or even Denver in the first round. Right now, the West is a jumble at 2-4 and 6-8, and it will be exciting to see which teams win out.

And, I'll put this in because it might be my favorite Rockets victory in the playoffs excluding the 90s, and if Mark Cuban isn't a little bitch, the Rockets win this series easily. Man I hate the Mavs.


Rockets vs Mavs 2005 Playoffs Game 2 042505 (R2K) (via xtalman)

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