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Rockets Sign Cousin, Blakely: A Brief Explanation

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I don't think the Houston Rockets see Marcus Cousin or Marqus Blakely as key pieces to their rebuilding project. Instead, they likely saw two players who showed flashes of potential, leading GM Daryl Morey to say to himself, "Why not?"

Cousin and Blakely are currently on the roster for less-than-inspiring reasons. Hasheem Thabeet in no way deserves NBA playing time at this point, and Mike Harris, realizing how little chance he had at receiving playing time, apparently chose not to re-sign with the Rockets. So, to fill the gaps, the Rockets took on the polished, yet slightly unathletic Cousin and the explosive and high-flying yet positionally challenged Blakely.

Barring a stellar offseason, Cousin will play for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers next year, as too will Blakely, assuming the Rockets choose to assign him to their own affiliate, seeing as they called Blakely up from the Iowa Energy. Each contract is non-guaranteed over three years, meaning that the Rockets can cut their losses when they choose or instead decide to pay up and hope that something good comes of it.

From an outsider's perspective, it appears that while the Rockets are still active as ever in their pursuit of top-tier talent, they're not about to abandon the developmental strategy. This, undoubtedly, is a wise move. Once again, if the money is there, why not?

*(For scouting reports on Cousin and Blakely, please go to Ridiculous Upside, because I am lazy).

** (No word yet as to whether or not Rick Adelman has any clue that these moves have been made. Or if he is aware of Marcus or Marqus' existence. Or if he is aware that Terrence Williams is indeed alive.)

*** (Does anyone still care about Jordan Hill?)